We offer services in several areas of activity, always looking for the best solution in order to give a more adequate and capable response to the needs namely:

Recovery and accounting

Accounting is, objectively, an information and evaluation system designed to provide its users with information and analysis of an economic, financial and productivity nature presenting an X-ray of the company. As such, well-executed accounting is important in order to extract the information necessary to support decision-making relevant to the company. In addition to the execution of accounting, count on us to recover the accounting of your company, which for adverse reasons is not up to date.

Preparation and evaluation of investment projects

As an investor it is important to realize the real value of a business, either for acquisition or investment from scratch. Let us support you in making decisions that will define your future.

Liquidation and dissolution
of companies

A process that is never easy, but at this difficult time you can count on our support in the process of liquidation and dissolution of your company.

Payroll Services

Salary or remuneration is the set of benefits usually attributed to employees, in return for services provided to the employer. Many companies need to maintain the salary processing of their employees or social bodies discrete, without the general knowledge of the wages of everyone. We offer an alternative to the dissemination of this information. We process the wages of your company.

Finance on Demand

Free yourself from the bureaucratic weight of the company's financial and administrative function. Dedicate yourself to what you do best and that led you to create your business, betting on creating added value to it and leave the "boring" part to us. We offer an alternative to the costly hiring of a Chief Financial Officer, offering a tailor made service to you.

Fiscal and
financial consultancy

Through the use of management tools developed by us and considering the numerous changes that occur every year at the fiscal level, it is important to be up to date and use the benefits that the system allows and realize how they can translate into the optimization of company results.


Are you facing challenges that are preventing your company from achieving its objectives? Is the company still a family business and has not evolved with changing times? When your company faces challenges or problems that are on the way to meeting objectives, it may be helpful to present a company diagnosis to identify the causes and correct them.


The insolvency plan can contemplate the recovery of the company, appearing as a second opportunity to continue a project that resulted from a dream and commitment, but without proper monitoring. Our team of managers can assume, with your support, the management of your company and as a team start the process of change to reach success.

Strategic and
Operational Planning

For the CEO/Manager that needs relevant information of the company, we have developed tools that help in the decision making and strategic and operational planning.

Business Management

We have a specialised management team ready to take responsibility for the administration of your business. A results-oriented team, with the objective of maximising the company's cash flow and sustainability.


The process of collection is always a delicate process, as it can cause some discomfort for both the company that charges and who is charged (companies with a great history of business relations, family, etc). Transfer this responsibility to an external entity, avoiding inconvenience and discomfort.

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